Installing Granite Countertops in Vaughan for Natural Beauty

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Installing Granite Countertops in Vaughan
Granite countertops for kitchens lend elegance and natural beauty to that most important room in the house. If you're considering installing granite in your Vaughan home, you are fortunate – some of Canada's best stone importers supply the Vaughan area with beautiful granite in a range of prices. The best way to proceed is to find a knowledgeable and reputable stone company, and visit their showroom in person. Seeing granite and talking to stone experts will help you to narrow your search, and to find just the right granite for your family.
Basic Granite Facts
Before selecting your countertop, however, it's useful to learn a few basic facts about granite and how it's sold:
  • Granite is liquid magma that cools and crystallizes between layers of rock. It usually contains quartz and feldspar, which give it distinctive patterning.
  • Granite is quarried in large blocks, and then sliced into slabs. Each block is called a "lot,” so if your job requires more than one slab of granite, you will need to use slabs from the same lot. The best choice is two slabs from the same lot with consecutive numbers; this helps to ensure that the colour and patterning remains consistent throughout the room.
  • The stone varies greatly in price, depending on colour and pattern. Basically, rare colours (such as deep blue, for instance,) and dramatically patterned granite is known as "exotic,” and it will cost more than more common varieties. If your budget will not accommodate any type of granite slab, then you may want to explore granite tiles as an option.
  • A lot of the cost of granite lies in its "fabrication,” ie, the cutting of the stone to your specifications. Asking for complicated edge finishing, for example, can drive the price up.
  • A good plan of action is to choose the granite for your countertop before selecting other design elements for the room. If this is not possible, then bring samples of cabinets, curtains, paint, etc, to the showroom with you.
Why Choose Granite?
There are numerous reasons why the best choice for your kitchen countertop is granite. These include:
  1. Durability. Granite is hard; the only substance harder than granite is diamond. It is tough and long-lasting, and when it's sealed properly, it is resistant to cuts, stains, chips, and other damage. Granite is not susceptible to acids or chemicals in the way that other types of stone can be, and it is heat resistant. A well maintained granite slab countertop will outlast the house itself.
  2. Added value. It's been shown that granite countertops can add as much as 10% to the resale value of a house.
  3. Unique beauty. Each granite slab is a unique natural work of art, and with more than 3,000 colour and pattern choices, you're sure to find the right stone for you.
  4. Maintenance. Granite needs to be sealed, then resealed once a year. This is a very simple procedure. In the meanwhile, cleanups are extremely simple, with only a damp cloth required. Granite naturally resists bacteria.
Choose granite slab kitchen countertops, and let the natural beauty of stone shine in the heart of your home!